“Pink Slime” or “Slippery Slope”

When the retail food industry demands meeting a price point and a profit margin that may mean there is not much left for the producer.  It’s exactly how we push producers to do unscrupulous things.

For example, feeding animals Hexane produced soybean meal, arsenic, and DDGS ethanol by products loaded with sulfur and antibiotics.

In the poultry industry the list of short cuts and cost cuts could fit the “pink slime” description.

Let’s start moving the bar up.  It starts with consumers demanding retailers to carry brands that follow strict quality protocols.

One thought on ““Pink Slime” or “Slippery Slope”

  1. As a family who truely appreciates the finest products, we couldnt agree with you more. Retail prices are higher than ever, household incomes have been crushed, why should families settle for products that could possibly pose long term harm to their kids. When products such as Bell and Evans are out there, no one needs to settle for lesser quality. Bell and Evans is the epitome of quality, fair value, family friendly and consciencious about its customers well being. we salute bell and Evans continued efforts to maintain freshness and customer satisfaction. B&E products should be on every shelf and in every home across the country.

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