Vomitoxin in Wheat

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the 2009 Wheat Harvest and the incidence of Vomitoxin.

Vomitoxin is a mycotoxin that may be produced in wheat heads when wet weather conditions occur during the flowering and grain filling stages of development.

There may be severe negative consequences for both human and animal consumption.

Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of this wheat moving around our industry today at distressed prices. Low priced wheat relative to corn has many poultry producers considering substituting wheat for corn in their diets.

Bell & Evans does not use wheat in our chicken’s diet even when wheat quality is good.

When you honestly raise chickens without using antibiotics, wheat in the diet has been proven to be detrimental in raising healthy birds.

When I say without using antibiotics, I don’t just mean from birth.

At Bell & Evans no antibiotics means no adding antibiotics to the vaccine injected in the eggs before they are hatched; also not in the feed, water, air, old manure, or some other creative way.

There is a lot to be concerned about when your goal is to raise a good healthy flock.

There is more to come.

4 thoughts on “Vomitoxin in Wheat

  1. My family purchase a Bell and Evans turkey every Thanksgiving and they’ve always been tender and juicy. We buy them at Fresh Market and you’d better order early cause they go fast!!

  2. Well so glad to here about this wheat problem. I’m Gluten Sensitive… and a lot of people are also Living Gluten Free. So I will be buying your product always. Wish you could get into Costco or regular markets in Southern California. You would sell a ton.. so many people are “Freaking Out” ever since Food Inc. came out, and more and more are willing to pay more for the Organic. Anyways keep up the Great Work !

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